She Writes…

She writes to fill the space within her…within the world…with words left unspoken.


Inspiration Wanted


Waiting for it to come

Looking around for anything to speak to me

But I can’t hear anything

Not the TV

Not the music

Not the cars going by or people outside

Not even my thoughts or my own heart

Am I doing this right

Am I not concentrating hard enough

Is there nothing around me

Or in me

To give inspiration

There’s always drama and trouble

Love and hate

Hunger and homelessness

Laughter and cries

Does this not inspire me

Inspiration to change things I don’t agree with

Inspiration to support things I believe in

Inspiration to grow into a better woman




Inspiration to feel

Is this not what makes a person who they are

What they are

Is this not the main

And deciding

Factor of what the future will be

Was this not the deciding factor in our past

“I think, therefore, I am”

But inspiration allows me to


Sometimes I’m too lost in isolation

To find inspiration

Sometimes exploitation blocks

The path to inspiration

Sometimes confrontation deters me

From the path of inspiration

Usually socialization limits

The amount of inspiration


And presentation

Often give false and misguided inspiration

So now where do I go

Where do I look

I look to you

Your feelings of pain and sorrow

Happiness and fulfillment

Anger and inadequacies

Love and hate

You the reader

The audience

The people

Are my inspiration

My family and friends



And strangers on the street

They are my inspiration

When reading my words and passages

If there is one passage

One verse

One sentence

Or one word

That you understand or relate to

Or if your pain is eased

Or your happiness heightened

If these words minister to you in any way

Then that passage

That verse

That sentence

That word

Was written for you

The reader

My Inspiration



AzSheWrites – ktj